Shower Feet Cleaner Brush

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  • Suction foot scrubber
  • Firm, yet soft bristles exfoliate your feet
  • pumice stone in the heel area removes callused skin
  • Easily sticks securely to almost any bath or shower
  • provides a safe and more comfortable alternative to bending
  • Available Colors:  Blue , Pink

Clean your feet without bending or stretching!

Soften rough heels on the pumice stone, smooth away dry and damaged skin. Simply add soap and scrub feet back and forth. It sticks firmly to the bottom of your shower or bath to make washing your feet easier than ever before.

This cleansing shoe uses over a thousand soft bristles to give your feet an exfoliating massage from top to bottom. The bristles are great at getting in-between your toes. It’s designed for feet of almost all shapes and sizes and attaches to most surfaces.

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