Fitness Step Gray for Men

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  • Correct posture and relieve back pain
  • Firm up thighs and buttocks
  • Improve circulation 
  • Tone and shape the entire body

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Fitness Step is an innovative fitness fashion shoes that helps you get in shape with every step you take. Lose weight with every step! Only 10 minutes, 3 times a week!

The special heel and toe design produces a complete step when you walk that, in turn, massages your entire body. Also, the unique "zero impact" air bubble protects your joints and ligaments. It relieves your back pain, improves blood circulation, prevents varicose veins and cellulites, corrects your posture, increases your height, tones your body and helps you lose up to 2 kilos a week! In your house, when you pick up the kids from school, at the supermarket, at work, on the road or while exercising. It is perfect for any activity and occasion.

All the muscles in your body start working with every step: shaping up your legs, improving your waistline, lifting your buttocks, firming your chest, flattening your stomach and more.

Fitness Step is elegant, classic and lasting. You can match them with any clothing you like, even with costumes and formal outfits.

• Ergonomic and cutting edge design
• Toe and heel technology for perfect balance and equilibrium
• Anti-slip sole with an air bubble
• Highly hygienic and super ventilated interior
• 5 cm heel

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